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The impact of the unstable soil has been seen at the high school, as well, with discover here cracks and other structural damage resulting from the instability. Project officials gave an update on the construction to the Provo School District Board of Education, and plans are set to include a new softball field, a soccer practice field, tennis courts, a new academic wing, a new south gym and more. According to a presentation given by the architecture company that developed the plans, the new, three-story academic wing will house all of the new classrooms, a preschool and 10 new science labs. Part of that new academic wing will be dug into the hillside to help stabilize the building moving forward. That new academic wing also will connect to the new performing arts lobby that will be located outside of the auditorium. This connection also will serve as the new main entrance to the high school. The existing gym will remain intact with plans to remove the floor and bleachers to stabilize the building. This also will include reinforcements in the roof structure. This part of the school will involve new locker rooms, an athletic training room, dance room and more for the physical education department. Another focal point of the new construction is a new special education wing.


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